Some things you may want to know “about”:


  • How to contact me
  • There’s my CV, in text format or in PDF (version of 2013-08-14)
  • Short version: I am Professor of Mathematics at Syracuse University. I’ve also held positions at the University of Toronto (2003–2004) and the University of Kansas (2000–2003). I got my PhD in 2000 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with Roger Wiegand. I went directly to UNL from Reed College, where I graduated in 1995 with a BA in Mathematics.
  • Here’s my mathematical genealogy: the ridiculously detailed version, the somewhat smaller version starting from my advisor, Roger Wiegand, and my whole department as a massive PDF.
  • You may laugh at my taste in music or my photographic eye.
  • You may know me from:
    • Montgomery Academy, 1978-1984
    • Southwood Middle School, 1984-1987
    • Coral Gables High School, 1987-1991
    • Reed’s Fine College, 1991-1995
  • I’ve got 46 states, but only four continents. (By another criterion, I’ve got something like 24 states and 2 continents.)
  • I feel uncomfortable in a room without books. (I’ve mostly gotten over this.)
  • I like long walks and hot cocoa. Also short walks and beer. Actually, you know, walks of nearly any length are ok by me, and a nice beverage is hardly ever amiss.

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