Presentations of rings with non-trivial semidualizing modules

Joint work with David A. Jorgensen and Sean Sather-Wagstaff.

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A result of Foxby, Reiten and Sharp says that a commutative noetherian local ring R admits a dualizing module if and only if R is Cohen–Macaulay and a homomorphic image of a local Gorenstein ring Q. We establish an analogous result by showing that such a ring R having a dualizing module admits a non-trivial finitely generated self-orthogonal module C satisfying Hom_R(C,C) \cong R if and only if R is the homomorphic image of a Gorenstein ring in which the defining ideal decomposes in a non-trivial way, forcing significant structural requirements on the ring R.


We started working this out at the conference for Mel Hochster in Ann Arbor in 2008. I think the paper contains a very satisfying answer to a natural question. It’s a bit technical, but still quite pretty in my opinion.

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