MAT 331 Spring 2015

Basic Info


Prof. Graham Leuschke
Time & Place
TR 9:30–10:50 in Carnegie 100
Linear Algebra and its Applications, David C. Lay, Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-321-38517-9.
Office Hours
MW 3-4; by appointment; and any time my door is open (317G Carnegie)
Important documents


WeBWorK is the online homework system we will use in MAT 331. It is hosted by SU, and is free to use.

To access WeBWorK, go to (you may want to bookmark this link).

Your Username is your NetID, for example jqpublic.

Your Password is initially set to be your 9-digit SUID, but you should change it after logging in.

The number of attempts on most problems is unlimited (the exception is True/False problems). Problems can be done in any order. You don’t have to do them all at once. You can get a PDF file of the entire assignment and print it out to work offline.

Homework due dates appear on the calendar: click Calendar on the left.

Two lowest WeBWork scores will be dropped.